Saving you time and money


CC Wine Caves utilizes an innovative modern technology for our patent pending, pre-formed, interlocking concrete arches for subterranean structures. Clients who use our affordable technology will achieve shorter construction timelines compared to typical drilled wine caves or cast in place concrete structures.

Shorter construction timelines means we can deliver the wine cave of your dreams, installed at your project site within 3-6 months. Construction times and costs are dependent on the scope of the cave project and the finishes you choose.

Maximizing your profits


Our patent-pending Cut and Cover technology allows us to build your underground structure and deliver your project more quickly and economically than the slow and expensive process of a drilled cave or conventional surface building.

Superior Architecture


CC Wine Caves also offers superior architectural interiors for drilled caves, new construction, or retrofitting your existing cave. We will work with you to blend our architectural interiors with your existing interior finishes.



All CC Wine Caves are provided with both ingress and egress for safety, security and convenience, including electrical and plumbing applications, as well as offering fire suppression technology.

CC Wine Caves offers endless possibilities

Endless possibilities


If you can dream it, we can build it.

CC Wine Caves can help you create the next state of the art wine cellar, production space, tasting room, hot springs, wedding and banquet hall, or a tourist destination. Whether you plan to use the subterranean structure for hospitality, wine storage, office space, or even as a residence, the possibilities are endless.

Please view this walk-through tour of a cut and cover wine cave to get a feel of what we can offer you and your winery or residential estate.