Sustainable 2019

Cut & Cover Wine Caves and the Sustainable Winery

With more attention focused on sustainable wine making alleviating a lot of our demand on the drought and the reduction of natural resources, Wine makers are returning to innovative wine storage techniques in order to cut 50 to 75% utility costs indefinitely!

Also construction costs are reduced and overall reducing the time of installation for their wine cave and winery facilities in under a year. CC wine caves is the only manufacturer of subterranean structures designed specifically for the wine industry. We are local to the Sonoma and Napa valleys. Our service area covers the continental United States and international. Here are a few more reasons to consider a CC Wine Cave for your wine cave.

Reduce Construction Cost – Our innovative, (patent pending), preformed, interlocking modules are built off-site, and shipped to your estate or winery. Other wine caves today are made by blasting a cave into the ground, reinforced with wire fabric, and in most cases spraying shotcrete overhead; with advancement of the initial structural wine cave at no more than 15 feet a day. Many sites do not lend easily to this process due to complex geology and poor quality rock. Our product can be installed in flat areas, rolling hills, under driveways, below vineyards, beneath buildings and virtually anywhere on your property. Your CC wine cave can be monumental or integrated into your existing surroundings, all architectural styles are available. This allows for building your wine cave in areas that are otherwise unsuitable for cave construction, lowering overall building costs by saving time, labor, and materials and also providing financing and connecting our clients with rebates and other energy efficiency and state-funded programs. Planning and permitting times for subterranean structures compared to drilled caves are also greatly reduced with our system (similar to pre-engineered steel building construction and permit approval process). If your property is zoned agricultural property it is no different than obtaining a permit for any other type of the structure to build for your storage or production needs. Depending on local regulatory agencies.

Save Energy – Underground wine caves naturally hold consistent temperature and humidity levels. This helps to eliminate the substantial demand for electricity to provide heating, cooling, and humidifying costs of a surface warehouse, creating a more effective and efficient storage for your estate or winery. With installation of a CC wine caves your existing warehouses or surface buildings become available for other uses.

Carbon Footprint – Cut and Cover Wine Caves are ecologically and environmentally sound, constructed locally using innovative and sustainable building practices. Coupled with lowering the overall use of electricity that wineries use by 50 to 75% to store and ferment their wine. Above ground buildings that are insulated with the highest quality insulation and using the state of the art complex refrigeration humidification systems making them energy dependent and expensive to maintain. This equipment consumes electricity, by using either natural gas or steam power, to cool the facility. Installing wine caves will help to decrease your carbon footprint also increase profits of your business by reducing your electricity bill, increasing your wine yield by 5-10% due to evaporations and allow us to use our precious dwindling resource “water” for drinking and growing our foods and wines. Let’s stop making foolish electricity demand and let’s use that same water to quench the drought of our great country and the state California.

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